Peter Korman

Peter has led a successful career helping companies and organizations grow and thrive. He and his family have lived in the same North Fulton home in House District 51 for over 30 years. His two adult children attended Fulton County public school and live in Georgia. Peter is a graduate of Emory University where he was a charter founder of the NCAA Golf Team and received his MBA from Georgia State University.

Protect Our Children

We must protect our children by defending parent’s rights and their family’s particular values. We should be focusing more educational resources on teaching our children academic excellence and life skills so they can pursue greater opportunity and lead more successful lives. Our schools do not need more central office administration and programs that encourage partisan political indoctrination.

Protect Our Community and Families

Public safety concerns have become increasingly important for our families in North Fulton County and throughout Georgia. We need more resources for school safety. We need more robust training and better laws to alleviate and treat mental health crises and a better working partnership with local law enforcement. Our local first responders need the support of laws, resources and our City Governments as they are responsible for protecting our communities and keeping our families safe. We need representatives that respect our rights to defend ourselves, our families, neighbors and property from criminal predators.


Protect Our State and Local Economy

Inflation is hurting everyone. We need more representation from people with practical experience running and growing businesses and creating better jobs. We need fewer lawyers in our Legislature who create obstacles and increase costs. We need legislation to promote energy independence, eliminate state income taxes, and reduce un-necessary bureaucracy and regulatory burdens.

Protect Our Citizens from Government

Whether you own your home or rent, the value of land and buildings are rapidly increasing throughout Georgia and especially in Counties surrounding Metro Atlanta. We must protect our citizens from County Governments who would use this as an opportunity to automatically increase taxes. We need to protect Homestead exemptions, limit increases in real estate taxes, and create protections for those who rent so they are not priced out of their homes upon lease renewal. We need Representatives who respect the character of our local communities and lifestyle choices and resist efforts from the Federal Government making density and zoning decisions from Washington, D.C.


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