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Job #1 for the Fulton County Party is Securing our Future.  If we don’t improve Republican electoral performance in Fulton County, Fulton will join other Blue Metro Counties to dominate the State of Georgia.  Now is the time.  And we must move forward together.  

Our goal is to build a system, infrastructure and team that will compete and win over the next ten years. 

Electoral Politics is a game of addition and multiplication, not subtraction and division. Here’s how we can best move forward…together. 

As Chairman of Fulton County, Peter will contribute his significant Leadership, campaign and institutional experience and knowledge to forward the initiatives of the Party, Operating and Executive Committees (Precinct and House District Chairs) and Membership. 

The Fulton County Republican Party must have a continual focus on organizing precincts, House Districts and providing resources, services, marketing and communication to help these local teams improve voter turnout and hyper local participation (from neighbors who will vote for Republican candidates).  This is critical. 

In the first 30 days following the County Convention, we should hold a meeting of the full operating and executive committees.  Our Precinct and House District teams should get to know each other. 

Within 60 days, the Fulton County Party should issue a financial and membership report.  Let’s set a baseline and begin measuring improvement and activity on a regular basis.  This should be standardized and scheduled

The Fulton County Party should build a system that insures the continual execution of the following functions:

We have extraordinary talent in Fulton County...let's get our friends and neighbors engaged in what they like to do and do best.

Peter has enjoyed a successful career leading companies in both enterprise information technology and financial services.

Peter has been active in the Fulton County Republican Party for several decades.  He has served on the Executive and Operating Committees for both our County Party and 6th District Organization. Peter is currently serving as a State Committee Representative from the 7th District to the Georgia GOP.  He was originally elected to serve from the 6th District in 2021.  Peter has served as Precinct Chair and House District Chair for several terms.  He recruits, trains and mentors others to contribute and serve, as well. 

In 2022, Peter was our candidate from House District 51 for the Georgia House of Representatives. 

He has worked,  volunteered and helped run campaigns at the local, State and National levels.  In 2017, the successful Handel for Congress campaign credited Peter as one of 5 volunteers making the greatest impact.  In 2018, Peter led campaign staff and volunteers throughout North Georgia and North Fulton to elect Governor Kemp. 

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