The issues that matter most are not partisan. They are kitchen table issues which impact our prosperity, safety for our families, and what we are teaching kids in our schools. Peter is focused on what unites most of us.

Peter Korman

Peter has a real plan to protect homeowners from skyrocketing property taxes due to inflated home values. He will sponsor legislation to increase the homestead exemption providing us much needed relief.  Reducing our tax costs matter!

Peter has a real plan to protect our young adults, families and seniors from rapidly rising rents.  Homeowners have some protection from inflating real estate values and associated taxes. Landlords just pass large County tax increases to You in monthly rent. Peter’s opponent will represent the interests of Fulton County Government. Peter will fight for your interests instead.  You and Your Budget Matter!

Peter supports our Police and First Responders with training, resources and a better partnership between legislation and enforcement. He respects our rights to defend ourselves, our families, homes, schools, and neighborhoods from crime and harm.  Our safety matters!

Our kids are not lab rats for social experiments run by bureaucrats. Our schools should focus on student achievement in core skills such as language, math, technology, science, and the arts.  CRT and Political, Sexual and Gender indoctrination should not be in our schools. Peter will be a strong State Representative who will not back down to the woke mob. Our Kids Matter!  Parents’ Rights Matter!

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